Pearl 75 unveiled in Mallorca

Last night saw the unveiling for the first time in Majorca of the Pearl 75 , designed by Bill Dixon with the interior created by Kelly Hoppen. As always a fabulous night in the Port Portals Marina , a popular place for yachting enthusiasts within the luxury of the sought after location boasting good dining and designer shopping.

The Pearl 75 yacht had many features for the keen yachtsman, a high end ” Boy’s Toy ” of engineering technology and many extra’s, the reception was well met with those invited, enjoying a champagne reception.

The Yacht interior was , in my humble opinion , rather ” griege ” , and lacking a bit of “Wow” factor , usually when “dressing” a home for selling it is key to keep within the realms of neautral therefore not pressing your particular choice of style and colour scheme on a prospective buyer encouraging them to add their personality to the home after purchase, but did Kelly play too safe with this project ?? methinks Yes.
All of the colour scheme remained throughout the yacht it melded into one colour palette, I personally loved the carpeting showing texture , good idea with the comings and goings of sailing , the furniture was basic beige or cream , a good safe choice, but cushions and highlighting decor kept the same too!!, even down to the pictures on the wall ( is floral the way to go??) , not a bit of contrast to be seen, no accent to enhance, a bit of a Zara Home’s 2012 meets Yachting 2013 ( I Love Zara by the way -at home ) and the vases on a bedside table !!! where does my cocktail sit ? If you can afford the Pearl 75 Yacht you have “sanctuary” and proper use of colour would enhance that , you have the option to go to the East whenever you want I assume , so don’t you deserve some excitement in the colour scheme while in the Med, some style when cruising ?? I think so, I am not suggesting a “wild” scheme but character is also part of life, and a little goes a long way.

The lighting was great even fun , interesting use of windows to add light through the below deck corridor was inventive , the blinds within the glass panes a good and practical idea. The use of space a marvel, I loved the drawer space, and the bathroom’s were as ultra modern as you would expect in a luxury home. All in all a great use of the space giving the impression the 75 foot was actually much longer. Well done there.

by Alison Coplen

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