Pearl 75 unveiled in Mallorca

Last night saw the unveiling for the first time in Majorca of the Pearl 75 , designed by Bill Dixon with the interior created by Kelly Hoppen. As always a fabulous night in the Port Portals Marina , a popular place for yachting enthusiasts within the luxury of the sought after location boasting good dining and designer shopping.

The Pearl 75 yacht had many features for the keen yachtsman, a high end ” Boy’s Toy ” of engineering technology and many extra’s, the reception was well met with those invited, enjoying a champagne reception.

The Yacht interior was , in my humble opinion , rather ” griege ” , and lacking a bit of “Wow” factor , usually when “dressing” a home for selling it is key to keep within the realms of neautral therefore not pressing your particular choice of style and colour scheme on a prospective buyer encouraging them to add their personality to the home after purchase, but did Kelly play too safe with this project ?? methinks Yes.
All of the colour scheme remained throughout the yacht it melded into one colour palette, I personally loved the carpeting showing texture , good idea with the comings and goings of sailing , the furniture was basic beige or cream , a good safe choice, but cushions and highlighting decor kept the same too!!, even down to the pictures on the wall ( is floral the way to go??) , not a bit of contrast to be seen, no accent to enhance, a bit of a Zara Home’s 2012 meets Yachting 2013 ( I Love Zara by the way -at home ) and the vases on a bedside table !!! where does my cocktail sit ? If you can afford the Pearl 75 Yacht you have “sanctuary” and proper use of colour would enhance that , you have the option to go to the East whenever you want I assume , so don’t you deserve some excitement in the colour scheme while in the Med, some style when cruising ?? I think so, I am not suggesting a “wild” scheme but character is also part of life, and a little goes a long way.

The lighting was great even fun , interesting use of windows to add light through the below deck corridor was inventive , the blinds within the glass panes a good and practical idea. The use of space a marvel, I loved the drawer space, and the bathroom’s were as ultra modern as you would expect in a luxury home. All in all a great use of the space giving the impression the 75 foot was actually much longer. Well done there.

by Alison Coplen

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50 Shades of Autumn…….

It is everywhere you look now, ” 50 shades of grey ” with a huge amount of  intimate detail  ( and soon to be chick flick )  and then we had ” 50 shades darker”, ah I admit to hearing about it but confess I did not read any of it ( well a smidge ) …….then I penned my “50 shades of fabric”,  now that is  a  passion of mine,  which is my version for the newest line of economic fabrics to arrive from company Froca and Rioma, with a rather nice looking chap in the ad I must add,  could he be a Mr Gray???,  so what are we doing for the Autumn with fashion and the home in the colour arena ? do we have 50 shades for home and fashion???

oh yeah baby , we have a plethora of beautiful shades to choose from, which are already hitting the shops , still in the midst of August and I am preparing my next seasons wardrobe ,  hasty!! I think not, and I will be prepared in my shop too for the ” accent” shades to bring the home  up the fore in the fashion stakes . Make some interesting changes to  your home decor with the subtle colour hues  and mix it up in a variety of textures,  with Pantone’s 2012 Autumn predictions , there will be  lush colour’s everywhere that will enhance any neutral backdrop of  ” beige or grey”  and bring some warmth to the cooler evening’s, and the colour’s  all sound good for the wardrobe too…..a little imagination! no problem.

James Coviello


The quirky color combinations of early ‘60s interior decorations — think Olive refrigerator and Pink walls

prominent colors

We are using two color stories that use bold contrast colors to really make our prints pop: Tangerine Pink and Black Polka dots on a Midnight Slate background or Citron Lime and Aqua dots on a Light Rust background

signature color

We are using bright accent colors, such as Tangerine Pink, in prints as well as color blocking details to add pops of color while keeping the palette warm and dark for fall

must-have item

A ‘60s inspired wool swing coat in an unexpected color such as Light Rust

cosmetic accents

Bright lips in Berry Citrus colors complement the accent colors sprinkled throughout the collection

Tracy Reese


I love looking at interiors for fabric and color inspiration: I have a picture on my mood board of a room with Mint Green walls, Antique Gold accents and a very cool Bright Orange velvet chair; I also have an amazing picture of Helena Rubinstein’s bedroom — the walls are Bright Orange, the bedcover is Purple-ish Blue and the headboard is Gothic Black — love it!

prominent colors

Sour Citrus Yellow paired with Rich Jade Green and Fiery Red Orange — these bright tones are the perfect foil for the Medium Heather Gray and Camel neutral tones we are showing for fall; I am also pairing Fiery Orange with a Luminous Violet — it’s very baroque

signature color

Fiery Orange! — it is lively and delicious and brightens everything it touches

must-have item

A printed pencil skirt — I am loving this skirt right now and I want to wear colored and patterned bottoms

cosmetic accents

I will keep the cosmetics pretty neutral this season to play off the bright colored clothing; the fingernails will be metallic!

By playing to consumers’ practical side with versatile neutrals, and boosting their confidence with bold, spirited hues, this skillfully balanced palette has something for everyone.”   says Leatrice Eiseman

Must-have item

The Oba print slip dress — it’s influenced by geometric tribal patterns and features our most important color, Deep Emerald Green, with highlights of Cool Gray,
Sandy Camel and Insignia Blue
— Charlotte Ronson

Prominent colours

Nature’s landscape: the color palette contrasts between dark tones of Granite, Slate and Soil with pops of Bright Pinks and Purples; prominent colors of warm and cool shades of Green and Berry with brushed Coppers are combined in beautiful silhouettes
-Rachel Roy

Beauty trend and color palette

“Makeup takes center stage with jewel eye shadow tones of Purple and Deep Greens, long lashes, Ruby lips and shimmer nails.”
-Nicole Fischelis

Window dressing with Blinds

 Your home is what publicly speaks of your style, your taste and your stature. You do everything possible to enhance your place of residence or business premises with the finest of things which show usability, as well as demeanor. You choose the best of amenities and features to add that special touch to your home. From selecting  the curtains, the most elegant or modern furniture and the best of  accessories to  create and design your living space according to your taste and comfort. One thing that has really proven to add style  with practicality is the black out blinds or more recently the Honeycomb blind. These blinds not only protect the insides of your house from the glaring sunlight by keeping heat out, or even in !!, but they also bring  an up to date  and en trend appearance to a  window.
For style and convention  designers have worked on bringing  these special blackout blinds or honeycomb blinds in a variety to cater for the different needs of people. You can find and choose from a vast collection of options to select something that suits your usage the most. These  blinds can completely alter the image and semblance of your house by making it more chic and exclusive.
Not only can you improve your home  but you can use these blinds for even augmenting the appearance of your office or any other place.
When it comes to blinds Lutron is one of the best, they  provide a plethora of options whether you are looking for black out roller blinds for your office or you prefer something with beautiful colours and designs that will  improve the practicality and the charm of your home, and can be used easily in conjunction with a window dressing or your curtains.
So, if you are looking to give your house or office protection from the glare and heat  of sun or light, you need to make it stylish. Choose from the variety of designer blinds for filling your space with a flash of modernism because everything in your life needs a pinch of style for making it perfect.