De Stress Living

Your home and you would benefit from having an area for promoting a healing and relaxing atmosphere, use these little home makeover ideas.
The choices you make can result in enhanced mood, less stress, and better sleep. To transform your living space into a healing haven, follow these easy 10 decorating tips for a stress-free home.

Healthy Home Secrets

1. Create a feel-good focal point. When you enter your home the first thing you see should be something you love, whether that is a piece of art, a vase of flowers, or a special keepsake, a beautiful first impression helps you relax from the day you have let behind.

2. Organise your daily pastimes, seeing old newspapers on the floor and bags of charity donations waiting to be dropped off, you will be thinking obligation, not relaxation. Leaving anything messy in your entry suggest the message that there is more mess and chaos within, not very helpful in creating a relaxed atmosphere. Have a designated space for every item that enters and exits your house by placing a couple of chic containers near the front door, one for outgoing items and one for incoming things.

Home Cleaning Mistakes

3. Create space, our anxiety builds in small spaces if there is too much clutter, to reduce the clutter and make the room feel larger, ask yourself if you really need the end tables or picture frames, and dispense with anything deemed nonessential. Consider painting a table or bookshelf the same colour (or a tonal one) as the wall it is up against, so it “disappears” into it. Painting walls white or a light colour will always make a smaller room feel more spacious.

4. Light up spot areas and not whole rooms. as bright overhead light can make it difficult to wind down at the end of the day.Use positional lighting for areas where you need brightness, such as next to the sofa where you may read, and put overhead lights on dimmers. Also, switch to full-spectrum bulbs, which mimic natural light and they create a more soothing harmonious atmosphere.

Hidden Home Dangers

5. Create pedestrian-friendly paths. especially if you can barely get into a chair without banging your leg on the coffee table, or if the path from the sofa to the door is cramped, rearrange your furniture,not being able to safely and easily move about produces anxiety.


6. Simplify your colour scheme. Use restraint with patterns and strong colours. If you mix patterns, keep their colour schemes similar, and if you like lots of colours then compromise by keeping patterns to a minimum. If you have too many bright colours or vivid contrasting patterns in a room then your eyes are going to be drawn all over the place, this will make it difficult to switch off and relax. Simple designs and colours are soothing. A less-is-more rule applies to shelving and tabletops too, try to not fill them just because they are there. Display just a few pieces that are meaningful and complimentary to each other.

7. Bring the outdoors in. By surrounding yourself with natural elements this will encourage friendlier interactions with others. For a more peaceful home you could display a couple of houseplants or try hanging a mirror across from your largest window to maximise the view outdoors , or even hang art with a natural theme.

Create the Ultimate Home Gym

8. Use soothing hues. Usually we find cool shades of blue and green and neutral earth tones to be relaxing and calming because they remind us of nature, If you are not quite sure of changing a colour scheme incorporate a few accessories, such as throw pillows, a quilt, or lamp shades, in calming colours.


9. Switch off electronics. If you can then remove all televisions and computers from your bedroom. The light emitted by these devices signals the brain to stay awake, interfering with a good night’s sleep and leaving you with elevated levels of stress hormones in the morning, or at least camouflage their existence when not in use by way of a cabinet or screen.

10. Bring your idea of tranquillity to life. What does paradise looks like to you?. If it is a tropical island you could add sand and ocean colours, even sea shells with tropical touches, incorporate wicker or cane accessories, Prefer a mountain cabin or a country home? Then add colours, textures, and accessories to your bedroom decor that bring those settings to mind. Use magazines for ideas of your idyllic surrounding.