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Tented ceiling decoration



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A fabric-draped ceiling creates a dramatic and romantic atmosphere, elegant swags cascading outward from a central area creates an elegant design. This design can also be used effectively in a master bedroom with vaulted or high ceilings. Gentle rolling waves of fabric can be installed across a lower ceiling for a similar soft, billowy texture. Ceilings can look surprisingly beautiful. Discover how you can give a room the true grandeur it deserves

Pricing guide

Pricing Guide for Curtains


The price guide gives an approximate cost for making your curtains in these styles – each with the option of lined or un-lined ,  interlined curtains would require a further estimate. The price  includes the tapes required,  hooks or eyelets and includes the cost of making.  As we do not  know which fabric you will choose, the price excludes this cost, but you can adjust by looking at the price and costing it by 2x width for pencil pleat, others require 2.5 x width or ask for help with this calculation.
If you have decided on a fabric and want an accurate quotation we can reply quickly.  We respond with an individual quote for your bespoke curtains which shows the amount of fabric needed to achieve the required fullness in the curtain style selected. Prices are inclusive of IVA.

Pricing Guide for Blinds

The  pricing guide for blinds includes the “haberdashery” i.e. the lining, rods, the fixing and raising/lowering track, blind pulls and includes the cost of making. As with curtains, it does not include the cost of the fabric. to receive an exact quotation which includes IVA please ask and we can quickly reply, cost of fabric varies but we can cater for any budget.  You may also choose a  special finish for added impact by use of trimmings, you  can add beads, contrast fabric borders, braids. Especially effective when used on plain fabrics.
We can also supply poles/tracks and a fitter for curtains and blinds. Our curtain poles are available on the website or speak with Alison personally.
We also  offer a made to measure service for cushions and other soft furnishings from simple scatter cushions, upholstery for interior and exterior furniture and we can give a rough estimate from dimensions but will  need a template before confirming and making up the item. We are also able to offer a made to measure service for loose covers.
For bedrooms, our sewing room makes bed valances, bed covers, bed cushions and fitted sheets for the home or boat.
Triple pinch pleat
A classic curtain heading which never dates.
The pleat consists of three folds which create a beautiful even drape.
Double pinch pleat
A more contemporary take on the classic triple pleat. Still drapes beautifully but uses less fabric for a more chic finish
Pencil pleat
The standard curtain tape, producing a continual row of small pleats.
The curtain hangs in a random fashion for a more informal effect.
Eyelet heading

A very modern heading, the eyelets are set in the fabric and the pole threads through the eyelets.The curtain hangs in an undulating wave for a simple contemporary feel.
The eyelets are available in various colour’s.
Cartridge heading
A contemporary finish giving a sleek curtain, requiring minimal stacking space.
Wave Heading
The wave curtain hangs in the same way as the eyelet and is a good alternative for those windows where eyelets are not possible, also very cost-effective.
It is a very modern sleek look and may require specialist pole/track and tape.
For a ‘quick quote’ measure your window from side to side and from top to bottom. Then let us know the measurements including the space you have either side, we can use an average priced fabric to assess a price.

If you happy with the quick quote then we can further proceed with more details for your approval.

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Interior Design with SYZYGY


syzygy ˈsɪzɪdʒi – noun
1. ASTRONOMY – a conjunction or opposition, especially of the moon with the sun.
“the planets were aligned in syzygy
2. a pair of connected or corresponding things.

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Colour’s for Autumn/Winter 2014




There are four key words being used to describe the new colour palette for Autumn/Winter 2014,  Blush,Frame,Axis and Herald, I usually check the Pantone chart and get their buzzword for the latest hot to trot colour being promoted among designers but I’m liking these names as the descriptive of what we will be seeing in the fashion sector and  interior decor for the approaching months, yes time is flying by since radiant orchid appeared in Spring 2014, a shade we will be taking with us into Winter.
Blush, there will be a blend of both feminine and masculine colours, soft shades will be introduced to a darker undertone, light V dark ,the  use of soft colours against more dominant textures, use the blend to enhance the Yin/Yang relationship.
Frame, will bring us a bright colour palette as a stark contrast, synthetic colours will be used like lime green or electric blue.  Technology the influence behind the theme, geometric designs to create a fun and young decor.
Axis will be the natural contribution taken from the environment, patterns magnified or with a 3D effect with an element of natural V manmade, a futuristic look in style.
Then we have Herald, a throwback of a Regal age, decadent and historic. Bright and strong with a traditional look in fibre and weave, used with grandeur by way of tassle”s and trims  bringing elegance.
A mix of harmonies and something for everyone to enhance the home environment, choose a classic and mix with fashion, take a bold choice and mix with a staple favourite, try unexpected colour combinations. Enjoy a cosmic blend of loveliness in your living space.

pantone 2014

Window treatments for Yachts

Skysol Pleated blinds

Classic-landing Deuette-landing day-night-landing track-landing frame-landing pls-landing

Sky Venetian

SKYVENETIAN_wood-landing VBL-landing SKYVENETIAN_Alli-landing



SKYSHADOW is a simple yet versatile shading solution, suitable for all types of boat window. Easy to use, quick to deploy and made to measure, the SKYSHADOW is able to accommodate even the trickiest of window shapes, sizes and curves.

Applied to the inside of a window though unique suction caps, the SKYSHADOW has that added advantage of being free from conventional shading fixtures and fittings.

Comprising of four layers, The SKYSHADOW has an inner and outer reflective layer designed to reflect sunlight, reduce condensation and protect the cabin interior from UV damage, an air pocketed insulating layer and for a personal touch, a choice of durable interior facing fabrics which are wipe clean for convenience.

With folding lines stitched into the product for ease of storage, the SKYSHADOW is both a practical and highly effective shading solution.




Lutron’s quiet electronic drive systems are the most sophisticated blind drive available, providing ultra-quiet, precision control, with smooth uniform movement and superior performance.

Oceanair is one of only a few blind manufacturers in the world who are able to incorporate the Lutron QED into an entire range of blinds without the need for extra wiring or electrical interfaces, ensuring effortless
integration and installation.

One of the biggest challenges facing boatbuilders is the harsh marine environment. When creating a luxury craft with a comfortable, low-maintenance, living area, that includes all the necessities of modern life without compromising on space, builders and designers constantly seek to overcome the following obstacles:

  • Extreme climatic conditions – from arctic to tropical
  • UV exposure
  • Light
  • Water
  • Salt
  • Limited installation access
  • Privacy
  • Diverse window shapes
  • Heeling and motion
  • Insect control

All Oceanair products are marinised, with thorough testing of the fabrics and components, ensuring that they withstand the harsh marine environment. Oceanair identify the challenges which boatbuilders face, and constantly seek to provide practical, straight-forward solutions.

Available at Superior Interiors


Fabric Trends 2014

For 2014 we will be using a combination of something quite raw with precious elements from prints on hemp or an earthy fabric with a metallic element to it. Something that you would consider quite luxurious. There is a hint of luxury and comfort where window treatments are concerned and roller blinds will be easily controlled via remotes, light switch or even the internet. There is room for glitter embell

For 2014 we will be using a combination of something quite raw with precious elements from prints on hemp or an earthy fabric with a metallic element to it. Something that you would consider quite luxurious.
There is a hint of luxury and comfort where window treatments are concerned and roller blinds will be easily controlled via remotes, light switch or even the internet.
There is room for glitter embellishment even in a sophisticated home, you just cannot get enough of metallics and sparkle for 2014 ,embellishments can be incredibly stunning when used in moderation to provide a refined space with personality.
Large-scale florals and bold prints are also the hot trends in curtaining for 2014.
Classic meets contemporary , minimalism meets drama and handmade meets technology. Bold florals cater to traditional tastes while stylised patterns offer fashionable energy. Fabrics are glowing too with a subtle sheen and earthy natural textiles will combine with metallic elements to provide a contemporary feel.

Alongside the metallic look we are also seeing iridescent and pearlised finishes to fabrics and accessories.

While decorative hardware has been dominated by stainless steel for some time there is now a move towards gold and copper. We are already seeing it in interior furnishings copper stools, gilded mirrors and gold products, now we can merge it into our home fabrics.

As society increases the obsession with must have technological gadgets, we may see a desire to counterbalance that with nature. Native and exotic flowers, leaves and trees and organic objects are big trends too.
Texture is high lighted in fashion fabrics and wallpapers as well as curtaining. The fabrics need not be bright colours to be bold, an understated bold suits our relaxed lifestyles and textures with slight variations will stand out on their own.

Eclectic personal interiors will keep gaining popularity, though equilibrium will shine through with walls that match fabrics.


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