Colour’s for Autumn/Winter 2014




There are four key words being used to describe the new colour palette for Autumn/Winter 2014,  Blush,Frame,Axis and Herald, I usually check the Pantone chart and get their buzzword for the latest hot to trot colour being promoted among designers but I’m liking these names as the descriptive of what we will be seeing in the fashion sector and  interior decor for the approaching months, yes time is flying by since radiant orchid appeared in Spring 2014, a shade we will be taking with us into Winter.
Blush, there will be a blend of both feminine and masculine colours, soft shades will be introduced to a darker undertone, light V dark ,the  use of soft colours against more dominant textures, use the blend to enhance the Yin/Yang relationship.
Frame, will bring us a bright colour palette as a stark contrast, synthetic colours will be used like lime green or electric blue.  Technology the influence behind the theme, geometric designs to create a fun and young decor.
Axis will be the natural contribution taken from the environment, patterns magnified or with a 3D effect with an element of natural V manmade, a futuristic look in style.
Then we have Herald, a throwback of a Regal age, decadent and historic. Bright and strong with a traditional look in fibre and weave, used with grandeur by way of tassle”s and trims  bringing elegance.
A mix of harmonies and something for everyone to enhance the home environment, choose a classic and mix with fashion, take a bold choice and mix with a staple favourite, try unexpected colour combinations. Enjoy a cosmic blend of loveliness in your living space.

pantone 2014

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