Chi Lounge

The moment when I stand back and look at my work is usually one of contentment and some pride too, today was one of those days. My first appointment about a month ago when I saw the “challenge” or may I say “run down shell of a very tired bar set in a fabulous location” ( being polite ) , I listened to the client’s ideas for The Chi Lounge, Stuart of Bray Marine, and his plan for the commercial venue , my creativity began to kick in and I could see it in my mind’s eye. It required further conversation to run a few ideas by Stuart and to make sure we were on the same page with the finished look that I would aim for and he had asked for ,we took into account and considered all the practicalities of the design and fabrics, we then chose the fabrics that suited the Venue and then I accessed how much I would to need to produce the eventual look. That was just the start….

Working alongside Lewis of Bespoke Carpentry who created the specialised furniture and Tony, a local carpenter who I have relied on many times in the past for pelmets and headboards, the project was under way, the size of the cushions required that I had to cut the fabric to fit the foam in the boy’s factory, we had to test the foam had been made to correct shape and size to the bespoke furniture , which was all great fun for me to be let lose amongst the boys toys!!

With all the fire proof voile prepared to be fitted, approx 100 mtrs , I spent 3 days up and down ladders in an atmosphere of perpetual ” night clubbing ” during the day which I do enjoy from time to time, the sound systems being tested, the big screen for sport being fitted, chandeliers and lighting etc… we were all under each others feet but working together as a team with stress levels high as we were all against the clock but it was such a good working day.

Ellie ,the gorgeous hostess had a lot to do, some jobs a bit tedious and others a total shopping fest , when Ellie returned with Stuart laden with the final touches to be added to the tables etc.. it was like Christmas morning unpacking the parcels. The bar manager kept everything under control as workmen arrived and he co-ordinated the days events with ease.

With the curtains and ceilings in place I just had the furniture cushions to “stuff ” with wadding which softens the appearance, not the most comfortable job or dignified as I scrambled with my head inside the cover, these were delivered kindly by Lewis and Tony, I plied them with a beer for their efforts of course.

A last minute decision to supply 20 cushions was made at 6pm , I had them made and delivered by 10am the next day, no easy task but under that pressure to get the look right I will push the limits, worth it in the long run.

So there we have it, The Chi Lounge is having it’s first Hen party tonight, the location of the bar on the Son Matias beach is a perfect setting for enjoying the view, the venue, the menu and of course the finest cocktails and drinks with the best service.





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