Throw Cushions


There are a variety of things that I may be measuring for when consulting with a client about their home, whether it is curtains or upholstery there is usually room for a cushion or two ( especially with leftover fabric ) It is a good way of tying together  a combination of fabrics and creating a look of luxury and comfort.
…..a little history!

Cushions were first used by wealthy men in Asia centuries ago? It is reported that cushions were also found in Ancient Egyptian tombs. As the years have passed, it the sophisticated dyes and sewing techniques leading to artisans creating cushions as an art form. This in turn led to the decorative pillows becoming prized possessions.
Cushions serve as the perfect compliment to give a room or a home the very touch of elegance and luxury ,they can  add a touch class!
Selected decorative cushions offer the opportunity to embellish any design by introducing pattern, colour and texture.
Cushions are popularly used on beds or on furnishings in shared spaces throughout the home. For each space, decorative cushions accent a room by emphasizing a motif or by delicately awakening a colour scheme.
Size does matter!

A  visually luxurious room is only so with perfectly selected cushions. Sometimes, size does matter. Large oversized decorative cushions arranged on the floor expresses a casual relaxed mood, small pillows arranged in a row on a seat can create an undeniable visual effect that projects order and symmetry, along with comfort.

The cushion cover easily changes to suit the mood of the space or season, it is the home’s most affordable luxury accessory. Creatively designed to enhance a space and effortlessly provides a sense of variety between many looks, the  cushion cover provides the quickest decorative impact, the use of a bold accent colour against a backdrop of neutral allows the seasonal change to be added to your homes fashion input, not such an expense when the latest fashion is for a striking colour which may be too much if used less than sparingly.

Bolster, Neckroll, Kidney, Rectangular and Throw pillows.. let’s begin with Bolsters and Neckrolls!


Bolster pillows and Neckrolls are long narrow pillows or cushions. They’re distinctive because of their oval or oblong cylinder styles that are flexible for several functions. You can use them for supporting your head for the duration of rest like a typical pillow. They could arrive in a width for decoration or they might be as broad as the whole width of your bed, which guarantees uniform help to your head for any of your sleeping postures. But mainly Bolster and Neckroll are used as a decorative cushion..These  may be filled with feather down, artificial polyester, dacron fibre.
One particular instance is you might desire to use the Kidney pillow on the curve of your back  if you have lower back pain, supplying you a with a lot of support, and another is to prop your feet up at the end of a challenging day .  Bolster cushions, Kidney and Rectangular cushions may come stuffed with synthetic fill or normal fill, or may possibly be created of high-density memory foam.

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