The Quoting process


majorca magazineDuring a recent conversation it was brought up that the question of what an estimate may come to and answers about this may be of general interest, after all the cost of new curtains or having a favourite piece of furniture recovered is quite important nowadays.

The expectation of cost can be a pleasant surprise but sometimes it can be a disappointment, dare I say even a shock!! Therefore one thing I never like to do is “guesstimate” a price.

Something that cannot be changed is the quantity of fabric required for upholstery, no possibility of skimping there so I do make covers reversible to allow for wear on both sides of a cushion for example making best use of the fabric economically.

Curtains can have some varying degree of quantity requirement depending on the style of the header or look that is being sought.

Two times the width of the window is standard, light weight curtains can take up to three times the width of the window for a luxurious look but considerations like the space either side of the window would need to be taken into account. I have never been a a fan of tab top curtains as the tabs take up a lot of space on a pole and are best suited to a panel look. The stamped ring has been a popular choice lately, curtains hang very neat with this look and I personally prefer two and a half times the width of the window for this style.

So there are many options to consider and decisions to make when choosing and not just the fabrics and the designer should be able to help their client with their final choice.

majorca magazineOnce the choices have been made I then like to give clients some options when making an estimate, then they can see where their money may be spent. For example if they decide that the fabric was a good price but the pole was too expensive if I give a choice of 2 or 3 poles to compare prices the budget can then be worked out as to what is acceptable.

In most cases this way of pricing a job is possible.

Just as an example of one brand of pole I may recommend here are three in the same style and their differing prices. A 2 metre brushed steel complete 85,00€, 95,00€ or 141,00€

majorca magazineWith too many fabrics to mention in the collection I offer, it is difficult to choose which to give as examples, but light fabrics do range from 20 euros a metre to in excess of a 100 euros. But these are usually quite special, and come in wider widths which means you get a 3 metre length for 1 metre, then it does not sound so bad!

Heavier fabrics for curtains can also come in the wider widths which prove very economical and many companies have adopted this in their production. These can also range from 30 euros upwards.

Many designer styles will eventually be produced in a similar way by regular distributors, they do not always create the same colours as the more expensive range but the overall look can still be as creative and stylish.

Here are some photos of company’s I use and the price range within varies from high end to very reasonable, and I think they all look equal.

PS. According to leading colour guide Pantone, 18-2120 Honeysuckle, a dynamic reddish pink, will be defining the mood of 2011 given its “uplifting” qualities.

majorca magazine majorca magazine majorca magazine

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