Mood Board

MOOD BOARD  by Alison Coplen

alt=The idea of creating a new look to a room can be a daunting project. What are the current fashion trends in colour and style, needs of the area to be used and the practicality of fabrics, what lighting to use all come into question, many things which have to be considered and maybe agreed upon.

My idea would be to start with the process on a “feel good” day not when under any of the daily pressures of life, your approach when in a good alt=mood will make a difference, after all it should be a creative experience and the finished room a place where you feel comfortable and relaxed and it be a reflection of your style.

I like my clients to take their time with their choices and I like to get to know them and the requirements that need to be fulfilled. Have you ever tried a mood board? it can be a good way to start, a bit like a scrap book of ideas although is sounds more sophisticated.

Whenever you come across a colour or style in a magazine you like the look of put the information on your Mood board , cut out pictures, keep complimentary tones and accent colours in mind, varying textures and maybe favourite objects of art that will be used as enhancement in the room. Build on your ideas and creativity. Look at the collection as it develops and see where you may change your mind a few days later, Take into account the difference that morning light has to evening light. You will eventually have a plan giving you the look you desire, and the finished room will be all you wanted it to be.

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